African Property Awards Winner 2021-2022

Mystique Residences and Resort

African Property Awards

Where the land and sea
meet in beauty and harmony

about Mystique

Who we are

We are the professional dreamers. For the past 20 years of our business life, we have gained experience in the building industry. We first worked for the leading building developers in 3City ( Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot) to further, in our own companies, acting as subcontractor of the structural works in Poland, Belgium, Sweden and the Netherlands up to the full range of design & build contractor. With time we have gained the trust and a Belgian developer has perceived us not only as a subcontractor, but has also become our partner in the development. This is how Janssen & Philips was born in 2013..

We know how to build right from the very beginning to the very end. We have poured thousands of tons of concrete and laid down thousands of bricks. We have designed, constructed and managed all aspects of the building process. We have always strived for perfection..

And then our dreams took over. In between of our projects, we have been always travelling a lot . Near and far East, both Americas, our beloved Caribbean...


The resort in the middle
of the virgin beaches of Zanzibar

about Mystique

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Zanzibar has become one of the most popular places for investments in the world. It still becomes more and more popular for travellers. There are many reasons for which investors should focus on this region. The key factor is that Zanzibar is stable. In terms of politics, social status, and economy this region turns out to be an ideal destination. The government of Zanzibar is not saving efforts to attract private investments, which are protected not constitutionally but by various international conventions. The number of visitors in Zanzibar has increased five times in the past 20 years and still doubles the number each year.

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